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Cost of Metal Roof Installation In Syracuse and Central NY

If you’ve been looking into installing a metal roof for your home or commercial business for any period of time, you’ve likely learned that they cost more than traditional asphalt roofs.

Metal roof installation cost can range anywhere from $8,000 to $12,000 and higher depending on the size of the home, building or structure. That price tag might be double what a roofer gives you as an estimate for an asphalt roof.

There’s a reason metal roofs cost more. Consider the following:

  • Metal roofs are stronger and can withstand a wide range of conditions
  • Many metal roofs carry lifetime warranties
  • Many metal roofs will last 60 years and longer
  • Metal roofs require little maintenance and repairs, and do no leak

With projected rising costs in asphalt roofing and installation labor it will cost you close to $50,000 over the next 50 years on installation, repairs and more.

Or you can install a metal roof today for the average price tag of $9,000 and you will spend no more on your roof over the next five decades.

Simple decision, right?

You will also see significant savings in your energy bills as metal roofs are excellent at keeping warm air inside during the winters and reflecting sun and heat during the summers.

And, if you and when you’re ready to sell your home or business, a metal adds tremendous resale value and the warranty can be passed on to the next owner.

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